Handling the Holiday Dark Triad

Sign up for this short training to learn how food, alcohol, and travel affect your sleep and what to do about it! 

Offer expires at midnight on 12/31/23!

Included in this training:

  • A 1 hour video giving you strategies for handling food temptations, alcohol consumption, and travel stress.  
  • A 16-page booklet that includes:
    • Food strategies to maintain and not gain during celebrations
    • Handling bedtime hunger
    • Recipes for healthier side dishes, dessert and simple alcoholic drinks
    • Alcohol strategies and understanding the effects on sleep
    • Travel strategies including a packing list for better sleep
    • Skills for getting to sleep or going back to sleep
    • Information on sleep supplements


I am a doctor, but I am not your personal doctor. This course doesn't create any type of doctor-patient relationship between us. I'll be discussing health information, but this is not meant to be medical advice. Please talk to your medical provider prior to taking action on the information I will provide. Full disclaimer can be found here:  supersleepmd.com/disclaimer

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