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EBook: Sleep with ease to beat back Alzheimer's disease

Embark on an amazing journey to unlock the power of your sleep—a special way to manage Alzheimer's disease symptoms AND risk for dementia.

Did you know sleep can be your quiet superpower? This guide explores how lack of sleep affects aging and explains the connection between sleep changes and Alzheimer's disease.

Dr. Audrey Wells, a seasoned sleep medicine physician, will show you simple steps to get lasting improvements in your sleep.

You'll learn who should get a sleep evaluation, what to do if you have trouble breathing while asleep, and how to talk to your doctor about sleep medications.

There's also helpful information for dedicated caregivers of loved ones with memory problems. More restful nights and happier days are available to everyone who invests in their sleep.


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I am a doctor, but I am not your personal doctor. This course doesn't create any type of doctor-patient relationship between us. I'll be discussing health information, but this is not meant to be medical advice. Please talk to your medical provider prior to taking action on the information I will provide. Full disclaimer can be found here:  supersleepmd.com/disclaimer