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CPAP Cleaning Guide

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This guide includes:

  • How and when to clean your CPAP mask and parts
  • CPAP Parts Replacement Schedule
  • CPAP Home Cleaning Kit

WHY you need to clean your CPAP mask and parts


Your CPAP mask and parts must be cleaned to prevent the build-up of skin oils, dust, allergens, mold, and bacteria.

Replace any equipment that has torn, cracked, or become discolored. Even if your CPAP supplies appear to be functional and intact, the disposable parts should be replaced regularly so you are comfortable and not compromising the quality of your CPAP treatment

Image of Dr. Audrey Wells

I'm Dr. Wells, a sleep medicine physician with 14 years of clinical experience caring for people using CPAP therapy. 

I'm here to help you with your CPAP and be successful in treating your sleep apnea. 

Sometimes making your CPAP mask more comfortable is just a matter of taking care of it and keeping it clean.  Use this guide to help you understand why you should clean your CPAP mask and parts, how often to clean them, and what you can use at home to help. 

You deserve to sleep well and feel your best!

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