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I help CPAP users

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Dr. Audrey Wells

I help CPAP users

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Feel like you're Sleeping with the CPAP Enemy?

Woman looking defeated with CPAP therapy

Are you struggling with:

  • Bed dread

  • Frustration with nighttime awakenings

  • Feeling hopeless, uncomfortable, and tired

  • Struggling to meet minimal “compliance”

  • Disappointment - your sleep isn’t really fixed

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Dr. Wells' Guide to
Making Your CPAP Mask Work Like a Dream!

My Methods


How we can get your CPAP to work better for you: 

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Understand OSA
and Sleep

I can help you look at the facts of your sleep apnea and your sleep.  Every CPAP user should enjoy all the benefits of healthy sleep with ease!

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your Mind

Awareness of your thought patterns around sleep and OSA treatment is the first step toward breaking down barriers for good. I will show you exactly how this works.

Person sleeping with confidence using CPAP mask

Sleep with


Let’s recruit your mind to learn to sleep easily, even when life throws you challenges.  With practice, you will be empowered to handle it all.

Everyone Deserves Good Sleep


Fixing your sleep is more than mask and pressure. 

Woman sleeping comfortably with CPAP mask and machine
Work With Me

Hello there!

I’m Dr. Audrey Wells.

I’m a sleep medicine doctor
and mindset coach.
I work with people who
desperately want to sleep
sleep apnea
but can’t get past
the whole CPAP ordeal.


More about me
Picture of Audrey Wells, MD Sleep Medicine

Why should I do this?


Um, how could you NOT do this?  

You need better sleep.  

"Everything will be okay in the end. 
If it's not okay, then it's not the end." 
John Lennon


Are you willing to keep trying?


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Benefits of good sleep are Weight Control, Mindful decisions, Focus & Memory, Increased Energy, Stable Mood, Heart Health, Improved Metabolism, Stronger Immune System, Weight Control

Are you wondering...

If I Lose Weight
Can I Kick My CPAP Out of Bed?

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What People Are Saying About the Course

Laurie K.

"In this course, you learn so much more than just about your CPAP machine.  You learn how sleep apnea affects your entire body.  It affects your weight, thinking skills, anxiety, blood pressure.  If I would have known this a year ago, when I was supposed to start my CPAP, I would have started it sooner.  The content really helped me realize I should be doing better at this because I'm already struggling with weight loss, anxiety, and headaches. Checking sleep off the list helps me work on other things."

Jim G.

Dr. Wells is very knowledgeable and well-rounded about sleep disorders. The CPAP information was detailed and in-depth and it varied across the entire spectrum of options available to you.  She definitely wants to improve your life.

Perdita C.

"If you're struggling to know WHY you should be using a CPAP machine, then this course will open your eyes to to more explanations of how it will help you.  I am a big “Why” person and I learned how it will help my heart, my brain, my blood pressure, and that I need to be in it for the long game."


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