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Accessories and services to help make sleep and CPAP therapy more comfortable and effective.


Learn more about how sleep affects things like Alzheimer's and Diabetes. 

Sleep Apnea Courses 

Online courses to help you gain the knowledge and confidence you need to get the most out of your CPAP machine.  


V-COM CPAP Accessory


The V-Com allows you to become more comfortable with the air flow from your CPAP machine. 

  • It fits in between your mask and the tubing. 
  • It softens the inhale pressure to help new you be more comfortable with pressurized air.
  • It can reduce leak from the mouth and swallowed air so you don't feel bloated in the morning.
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Sleep Reset

Sleep Reset is a personalized sleep program grounded in science.  Sleep Reset includes access to a dedicated, trained sleep coach. It is a digital sleep solution designed to increase the total number of hours of sleep per night. Take the sleep assessment now to get started! 

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Sleep Courses

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