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You've got goals for your health.  You know good sleep is a critical piece.  Let's move forward with getting you the rest you need.

Super Sleep Plan

Step 1 - Get Support

You can make an important decision about your sleep apnea treatment once you've been adequately supported through a trial of CPAP. You haven't failed. You just need some help. 

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Step 2 - Get Educated

You can make a rational health decision once you have all the information you need. Knowledge includes knowing what your choices are.  

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Step 3 - Improve Your Mindset

Your mindset is more negative if you aren't sleeping well. Lying in bed feeling anxious and frustrated is not working. You can come to a sensible decision once your mindset is clear.

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I'm Dr. Wells

I am a sleep medicine physician with 15 years of experience helping people just like you. I am also certified in life coaching and skilled in delivering cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia.  It is my mission to help you get all the healthy sleep you need! 

I've poured my expertise into these courses with the idea that you need to have comfort to sleep well.   Physical comfort with your mask and pressure.  Emotional comfort because you know where to turn for mindset support and trustworthy answers.  Mental comfort because you are confident in your sleep apnea treatment decision. 

Let's take the next step to feeling better. 

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What Others Have Said About The Courses 

Audrey F.

"Dr Wells is an expert in sleep medicine and C-pap therapy. She is very detailed and thorough in her knowledge and teaching. I highly recommend her for anyone who has sleep apnea. I learned more from her than the three other sleep specialists I went to beforehand."

Laurie K.

"I really liked how she brought in her life coaching skills. It wasn't just about the medicine. It was also about forming routines."

Jim G.

"Dr. Wells is very knowledgeable and well-rounded about sleep disorders. The CPAP information was detailed and in-depth and it varied across the entire spectrum of options available to you.  She definitely wants to improve your life."

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What You Need to Know About Sleep Apnea and CPAP


Foundational Knowledge

  • Why sleep apnea should be taken seriously
  • Find out the causes of sleep apnea (hint: it's more than your weight or your tongue)
  • Get clear on how much CPAP use is enough
  • Motivation to prioritize healthy sleep 



How to Finally Sleep Better and Feel More Awake


Sleep Skills

  • Learn how to optimize sleep
  • Understand why you still feel tired even though you are using CPAP
  • Tame your nervous system so you can get to sleep easily
  • Learn ways to get back to sleep in the middle of the night



21+ Alternatives to CPAP


Expert Information

  • What other options do you have?
  • Learn about more than 21 alternatives to CPAP
  • What would happen if you lost weight
  • Information about sleep apnea surgeries (including Inspire)
  • Information about non-surgical options (including dental options)

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