Mindset Shifts for CPAP Success


If you are done fighting with your CPAP every night
and are tired of not getting enough sleep, this course is for you. 

Stop feeling like you want to throw your CPAP out the window.

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Learn from Dr. Wells, a board certified sleep medicine physician and certified mindset coach. 
You deserve to sleep better.  

Sunshine and happiness.

Are you feeling like: 

  • You are about to give up.
  • You don't know what to try next with your CPAP.
  • You are dreading going to bed.
  • You slept better before starting on CPAP.

Many feelings about CPAP are actually incompatible with sleep.  I will help you shift your mindset to make that better.

How Does The Course Work?

Course Format

  • Live, weekly small classes for 5 weeks
  • Each class lasts for one hour and is held over Zoom
  • Each class consists of a presentation of a topic by Dr. Wells, followed by group discussion and Q&A
  • Participation in group coaching is optional
  • Worksheets to follow along with the course material
  • Sleep assessments to measure progress

Topics Covered

  • Why you have strong feelings about CPAP
  • What your CPAP can and cannot do for you
  • Separating facts from drama
  • Deep breathing, meditation, and journaling
  • Capturing thoughts and thought errors
  • Getting control of the feelings roller coaster
  • Feelings incompatible with sleep
  • Exactly how to shift your mindset (ladder with T and F)
  • Your brain and its defense mechanisms
  • Your actions
  • You want to be successful, not just compliant

Sneak Peak

Watch the course introduction video above.


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Mindset Shifts for CPAP Success Plus Live Group Coaching

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