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Learn my proven strategies to make your CPAP work for YOU.


This video course is designed to help you make friends with your CPAP machine to get the sleep you've been dreaming of. When you understand how to maximize the benefit of your CPAP machine, you will feel informed, rested, and confident in your sleep.

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Course Format

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Virtual Classroom

Self-paced modules, worksheets, and resources designed and delivered by a sleep medicine physician.

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Community Support

Access to a private Facebook group monitored by a sleep medicine physician for questions, support, and assistance with specific problems.

Course Summary

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Module 1

+ What you need to know about sleep apnea & CPAP therapy.

+ What sleep apnea does to your brain and other organs.

+ Review the specifics of your sleep apnea and your CPAP experience.

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Module 2

+ How you can get as close as possible to sleeping like a baby.

+ A deeper look at sleep apnea severity - go beyond the AHI.

+ Get through the anxiety and internal resistance that are keeping you stuck. 

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Module 3

+ How to tame your nervous system so you can sleep when you want to.

+ Strengthen your mind-body connection to get all the deep sleep.

+ Empower yourself to think and feel differently, step by step.

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Module 4

+ Sleep on demand? Yep, it’s possible.

+ How to feel more awake when you want to.

+ What to do when sleep (and life) doesn't go your way.

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Module 5

+ How to deal with setbacks and other things life throws at you.

+ The secret formula to all healthy habits.

+ Putting the joy back in your waking hours.

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Module 6

+ Evaluate your CPAP journey with fresh eyes.

+ Learn about CPAP alternatives for sleep apnea: surgical and non-surgical.

+ Deciding (with confidence) how to treat your sleep apnea.


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