How to Finally Sleep Better and Feel More Awake

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If you are having trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep, or problems feeling tired in the daytime, this is for you. 

Learn from Dr. Wells, a board certified sleep medicine physician and certified mindset coach.  

You deserve to feel better. 

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Sunshine and happiness.

Are you wondering: 

  • Why can't you sleep better?
  • What is causing you to be tired and have trouble sleeping?
  • What are all the factors in your life affecting your sleep?
  • What do you do when you can't fall asleep?
  • What do you do when you wake up in middle of the night and can't go back to sleep? 

Problems with sleep are holding your back.  They are preventing you from enjoying your life in some way.  Let's improve that.


I'm Dr. Wells

I want to help you sleep.  I am taking my expertise and years of experience to help you be successful in getting the treatment you need.  I created this course, How to Sleep Better and Feel More Awake, as the first step for you to get the education you need.  I want you to sleep better and be healthy.

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"Since taking the course, I have changed the way I think about my sleep challenges, and greatly worked on improving my daily routine and stress management to optimize my sleep at night. The course has given me hope that I, someone who has had chronic bouts of insomnia for the past 8 years, may routinely get quality sleep and improve my quality of life as a result. "

- Jillian R.

"The content in this course was very helpful. This was the kind of information I was hoping my doctor would give me, but I've never really had more than 5 minutes with the doctor."

- Gina C.

"I'm very skeptical of things that I have to shell some money out for because I want to make sure I get my value out of it.  With Dr. Wells, along with the information in the course comes the feeling of sincerity, almost like family. I feel I can trust this information."

- Jim G.

What's Included In The Course...

Self-paced videos 

  • What sleep is good for and types of sleep
  • How to create serenity at bedtime
  • Daytime activities that will pay off at night
  • How to calm your nervous system to get the sleep you need
  • Getting over bed dread and acclimated to CPAP
  • How to synchronize your internal rhythms for better sleep and wake
  • What to do when you wake up in the middle of the night
  • How food choices influence your sleep and wakefulness
  • Ways to take advantage of your natural sleep pattern
  • Solving all the causes of tired

Worksheets and exercises 

  • Checklist for sleep hygiene and establishing good habits 
  • Creating a relaxing bedtime routine
  • Forming a plan for daytime routines to help you get better sleep
  • How to promote rest and relaxation
  • Identifying what causes you to wake up in the night
  • Idea list for how you can feel more awake during the day
  • Plan for going to sleep and going back to sleep
  • Food choices to promote better sleep
  • Identifying why you are so tired
  • Bonus for CPAP users:  Tracking progress with CPAP acclimation techniques

Sneak Peak

Watch the course introduction video above.

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