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Solutions you need RIGHT NOW and strategies you didn't even know about. 


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Does this sound familiar?

  • My mask doesn't fit right.

  • I can't keep the mask on.

  • How do I choose a¬†mask?¬†

  • My mask keeps leaking.

  • How do I prevent dry mouth?

  • How do I get rid of the lines on my face?

  • How do I get used to this thing?

the list goes on...

Learn everything you need to know about your CPAP mask.


The Ultimate CPAP Mask Course is a 5 week online course that makes it easy to solve your mask problems.

 You will learn:

  • How to choose the right mask.
  • How to troubleshoot the top mask problems.
  • How to wear your CPAP mask through the night.

The Ultimate CPAP Mask Course is your resource to reclaim comfort and confidence with your sleep.

Picture of Dr. Wells looking excited to work with you!

Now 50% off through December 31, 2024! 


I'm Dr. Wells, a sleep medicine physician with 15 years of clinical experience caring for people using CPAP therapy. 

I have helped people get comfortable with their CPAP mask for many years and now I am putting it all together in one place for easy access.

I want you to be successful using your CPAP.  You can do this!

Video Library Summary

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Module 1

+ Easy Ways to Choose a New Mask
+ How to Get the Most out of Your Mask Fit Appointment
+ Where to Buy Masks
+ CPAP mask accessories and what they're good for.
+ How Untreated Sleep Apnea Affects Your Body and Mind


Man taking off CPAP mask

Module 2

+ CPAP Attitude
+ Making CPAP an Easy Habit
+ Sleep Hygiene


Man having frustration with CPAP

Module 3

+ Top problems with CPAP masks and what to do about them

  • What to do About¬†Air Leak
  • How to Keep Your Mask on Longer
  • Mask Anxiety and Claustrophobia
  • How to Practice with CPAP
  • Dry Mouth and Mouth Breathing
  • Nasal Congestion and Dry Nose
  • Dry Eyes and Puffy Eyes
  • Solving Headgear and Tubing Problems

Audrey F.

"Dr Wells is an expert in sleep medicine and C-pap therapy. She is very detailed and thorough in her knowledge and teaching. I highly recommend her for anyone who has sleep apnea. I learned more from her than the three other sleep specialists I went to beforehand."

Gina C.

“The content in this course was very helpful. This was the kind of information I was hoping my doctor would give me, but I've never really had more than 5 minutes with the doctor. “

Jim G.

"I'm very skeptical of things that I have to shell some money out for because I want to make sure I get my value out of it.  With Dr. Wells, along with the information in the course comes the feeling of sincerity, almost like family. I feel I can trust this information."

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