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The Ultimate  CPAP Mask Guide

How to choose a COMFORTABLE mask and wear it ALL night. 

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Does this sound familiar?


  • My mask doesn't fit right.

  • I can't keep the mask on.

  • How do I choose a mask

  • My mask keeps leaking.

  • How do I prevent dry mouth?

  • How do I get rid of the lines on my face?

  • How do I get used to this thing?

the list goes on...

Learn everything you need to know about your CPAP mask.


The Ultimate CPAP Mask Guide is a video course that makes it easy to solve your mask problems.

 You will learn:

  • How to choose the right mask.
  • How to troubleshoot the top 10 mask problems.
  • How to wear your CPAP mask through the night.

The Ultimate CPAP Mask Guide is your resource to reclaim comfort and confidence with your sleep.

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The Ultimate Guide to CPAP Masks 
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I'm Dr. Wells, a sleep medicine physician with 15 years of clinical experience caring for people using CPAP therapy. 

I have helped people get comfortable with their CPAP mask for many years and now I am putting it all together in one place for easy access.

I want you to be successful using your CPAP.  You can do this!

Course Format

Virtual Classroom Image

Virtual Classroom

Short videos, worksheets, and resources designed and delivered by a sleep medicine physician all in one place.  

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Community Support

Access to a private Facebook group monitored by a sleep medicine physician for questions, support, and assistance with specific problems.

Course Summary

CPAP image

Module 1

+ A good approach to finding a mask (why you should care).


Man taking off CPAP mask

Module 2

+ Make it easy: the types of masks and the parts of a mask.


Man having frustration with CPAP

Module 3

+ Top 10 problems with the CPAP mask

Older woman looking thoughtful

Module 4

+ Where to buy masks and how to prepare for an in-person fitting.

Woman showing frustration for CPAP therapy

Module 5

+ CPAP mask accessories and what they're good for.

Woman sleeping well with CPAP

Module 6

+ How to acclimate to your mask, step-by-step


Be the first to know when 
The Ultimate Guide to CPAP Masks 
is available!