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102: World Sleep Day: How to finally sleep better and feel more awake

Mar 15, 2024
World Sleep Day: How to finally sleep better and feel more awake

You’ve been thinking about signing up for my program:  How to Finally Sleep Better and Feel More Awake - Video Library.  

What’s stopping you?  

The information in these videos over-deliver!  Here is what you’re going to get:  

What sleep is good for - Did you ever look at your sleep tracker and see that your “deep sleep” went down last night?  What does that mean?  What is deep sleep for?  What is light sleep and dream sleep for?  Here are the answers and a boost of motivation to prioritize your sleep.  But how?  I’m glad you asked because that’s what the rest of the course is for.

How to create serenity at bedtime - I am giving you specific steps that you can use to wind down at night and fall asleep without trying so hard.  Watch out, you may even ENJOY yourself as you get your mind and body ready for bed!

Daytime activities that will pay off at night - How you spend your day affects how you will spend your night.  It’s a simple concept, but not necessarily easy.  In this video, I highlight daytime behaviors and circumstances that are more likely to increase your ability to GET to sleep and STAY asleep at night.

How to calm your nervous system to get the sleep you need - You have more control over your nervous system than you know.  If feeling anxious or agitated keeps you up at night, this is going to be the antidote.  There are multiple things to try, and you can personalize the techniques for yourself.  

Getting over bed dread and acclimated to CPAP - This video is for CPAP users who dread going to sleep with the mask on.  I am giving you a step-by-step method to work through that so you can make friends with your CPAP and get it working for you.  Whether you are a little reluctant to use CPAP or a LOT reluctant to use CPAP, I can meet you where you are.  

How to synchronize your internal rhythms for better sleep and wake - You’ve probably heard about your internal “body clock,” and in this video, I’m going to show you what that is.  Your brain is actually pre-programmed for 2 sleep/wake rhythms, and knowing how they work helps you to uncover your NATURAL ability to optimize your sleep and wakefulness.  

What to do when you wake up in the middle of the night - Here I’m answering the question about how to go back to sleep.  If nighttime awakenings are frustrating for you, I’ve got it covered.  The promise is NOT to eliminate nighttime awakenings completely (some are actually normal!) but to shorten the awakenings and guide you through the following day so the problem doesn’t spin out of control.  

How food choices influence your sleep and wakefulness - I’m sure you’ve wondered how your food and eating habits affect your sleep.  In this video, I am handing over practical steps to modifying your meals to be a healthier person.  With just a few simple guidelines, you will feel your confusion over food evaporate.  And you should see your sleep quality improve, too. 

Ways to take advantage of your natural sleep pattern - Do you suspect you’re a night owl?  Early bird?  In this video, I help you know for sure and ALSO describe what that means for optimizing your daytime activities.  This is a little biology hack that is going to make you more productive and could *gasp* reduce your stress levels.  

Solving all the causes of tired - What if you’re doing all the good sleep behaviors but you’re still tired?  This is a pretty common complaint, and entirely valid.  So in this video, I open up awareness of seven (SEVEN!) things that could be contributing to your tiredness.  I am quite sure that you will recognize one of the causes as problematic for you.  And I’m even going to give you a jump start on ideas for feeling better- you will walk away empowered.  

There is a workbook that goes with this course, allowing you to personalize all of my teachings for yourself.  It is my sincere belief that implementing even a few of the simple techniques in this course will result in improved sleep . . . and feeling more awake.  What I’m talking about is reclaiming your vitality.  These changes are more powerful and sustainable that any pill or potion (and side-effect free).  You will be experiencing the benefits every day for the rest of your years.  Take the next step and commit to your health.  You are worth it!  





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