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103: Got rhythm? Your brain needs a steady sleep beat.

sleep Mar 23, 2024

Tired of being tired?  You may have taken some steps to optimize your bedroom environment and relax before sleep.  You may be trying to get MORE sleep.  But if you aren’t feeling better, consider this:  Your sleep/wake rhythms are out of sync.  

You have internal rhythms that function like instruments in a band.  If your band is playing good music, it means you are sleeping well at night and feeling good in the daytime.  To make music that sounds good, TIMING is key.  The sleep rhythms have to be supported so your band is  playing a peppy, feel-good song during the day and a lullaby at night.  

You’ve probably heard of the circadian rhythm, which is an alertness instrument, to continue with the band analogy.  You can support your circadian rhythm or work against it.  And there are other sleep/wake instruments with different rhythms that you need to know about.  You may be unwittingly working against them and your music sounds . . . awful.  

Knowing more about these rhythms means you can take action.  You can do what it takes to get your sleep and wake on track.  For a start, make your wake-up time consistent every day.  This is the beginning of the song.  It may be just the anchor point your brain needs to feel better. 

Yes, the same wake-up time 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Or at LEAST within ONE HOUR.  Then it will be a habit that promotes TRUST in your sleep.  

In my years of seeing so many patients with persistent tiredness, I can tell you that it’s usually due to more than one thing.  It takes persistence to identify the underlying causes of your tiredness and fix them.  Be patient with yourself.  And know that I can help you.  

I feel so passionate about helping people feel better that I created an online course to share all the things I consider when tiredness is a problem.  When you take this course, you will be empowered!  Imagine NOT feeling tired during the day.  That’s what you deserve!




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