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72: How my coaching transforms sleep

mindset sleep sleep aides Aug 19, 2023
Transform your sleep with sleep coaching

In your quest for a good night's sleep, I know you’ve sought out various solutions and remedies. You may have ended up with a fancy new bed.  You may have spent time looking for supplements or tried prescription medications.  You may have gone through a sleep study and come out with a diagnosis.  But your sleep still isn’t fixed.  

The quest for rest is so pressing because sleep is a fundamental biological need.  You know that you could function so much better if you could JUST. GET. GOOD. SLEEP.  And you’re right.  

There's a powerful tool that often gets overlooked in this pursuit—the transformational power of coaching.  You may have heard this term already, and there are a lot of parallels with sports coaching.  A coach knows the sport and has a passion for it.  A coach helps a player to improve by evaluating their performance and strategy.  A coach gives feedback, encouragement, and actionable steps.  And the analogy goes even deeper– there are many levels of coaching.  

Consider a coach for a professional baseball team versus a T-ball coach.  I’m not shy to tell you that my expertise in sleep medicine and years of experience in the field puts me in the major leagues.  This translates into an opportunity for major transformation.  This is what makes coaching worth the investment of your time and money.  Not only for your sleep but for your life.  My coaching gives you meta-skills that allow for home runs in personal growth.  

I want to clarify what coaching is not. It's not therapy, counseling, or a casual chat.  Although these are all valuable in their own right, coaching offers a distinct and dynamic approach.  Therapy and counseling often delve into the past to heal emotional wounds, coaching primarily focuses on the present and future. It's not about fixing what's broken; it's about moving forward and unleashing your untapped potential.

Imagine coaching as a workout for your mind. It pushes you beyond your comfort zone, challenging the boundaries of your beliefs and capabilities. Through meaningful questions and deep reflection, my coaching guides people to discover parts of themselves that may have become obscured over time. Coaching helps you regain clarity and align your actions with your true desires.  Whatever it is that keeps you up at night, I can flush it out and show you how to make it dissolve.

Life's challenges, stressors, and responsibilities can gradually veil our authentic selves. This interferes with sleep because on some level you KNOW you are out of integrity with yourself.  Coaching becomes a quest to rediscover the part of you that was always there but got lost amidst the chaos. I guide people through a journey of self-discovery. As you unveil your authentic self, you begin to trust your sleep again.  You reclaim the power to sleep peacefully.  

Coaching is not a dry, emotionless process. On the contrary, it's an experience that evokes a range of emotions.  It's not uncommon for laughter and tears to happen in one session!  Through vulnerability and honesty, you connect with your deepest desires, fears, and dreams.  I provide a safe space where you can explore your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions and embrace them as catalysts for growth.

Coaching is a delicate balance between directness and kindness.  I will not shy away from challenging you, holding up a mirror to your blind spots, and encouraging you to confront uncomfortable truths.  But my directness is always wrapped in a cloak of kindness, respect, and compassion.  I know how to empower and motivate you without resorting to empty platitudes or shallow positivity. I genuinely care about helping my clients to grow in the most meaningful way possible.

When it comes to overcoming sleep difficulties, coaching is an untapped resource that holds immense transformative power. It ignites a fire within you, propelling you towards a more fulfilled and purpose-driven life.  Satisfying your basic biological need for sleep is only the tip of the iceberg.  

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