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83: How to Feel More Awake RIGHT NOW

sleep Nov 04, 2023
How to Feel More Awake RIGHT NOW

Do you find yourself struggling to stay awake and alert during the day, especially when the afternoon slump hits?  Or maybe you are recovering from a restless night of fitful sleep?  

Before you reach for an extra cup of coffee, consider these five natural and effective ways to boost your energy and feel more awake . . . RIGHT NOW.  And remember, the first step is to take action!  You won’t feel more awake spontaneously.  

Move Your Body.  Take a brisk walk outside in the sunshine, or find a flight of stairs and go up a few floors.  Do push-ups, squats, calf raises, jumping jacks, or hold a plank.  Stretch your back, next, shoulders, torso, legs, and arms.  Chew gum with a strong flavor.  Dance to your favorite upbeat music!  All of these movements increase blood flow and signal to your brain that it’s time to be awake.  

Take a breather.  Take some deep belly breaths.  Inhale as much as you can, then forcefully blow all the air out.  Do this 3-5 times.  Practicing deep breathing exercises can help you feel more awake and focused. Or, try the 4-7-8 technique: inhale deeply for a count of four, hold your breath for a count of seven, and exhale slowly for a count of eight. Repeat this several times. Deep breathing increases oxygen intake, calming your nervous system and revitalizing your energy levels.  If you just need to close your eyes for a bit, set an alarm for 10 or 20 minutes so you don’t over-do your break.  

Hydrate or snack wisely.  Dehydration can lead to drowsiness. Grab a glass of water (better if it’s ice water!) and drink it.  Staying properly hydrated helps your body function at its best and can provide an instant boost of energy. You can also add a slice of lemon for an extra refreshing kick.  Smelling peppermint or coffee can also give you a boost.  Snacking on something healthy and crunchy can also push back on fatigue.  Consider baby carrots or cucumber with hummus, an apple or celery with peanut butter, or a handful of nuts.  These foods will give you sustained energy without a sugar crash.

Engage your brain.  It may be time for daydreaming or a mental change of scenery.  Do a meditation with your eyes closed and face relaxed.  Think about how you would spend 10 million dollars.  Plan something fun for yourself to look forward to.  How would you advise your past self?  Your future self?  Replace the “I’m so tired” story with the “How I overcame tiredness” story.  Reach out socially to express thanks, gratitude, or care.  These mental exercises can do wonders to recharge your brain.

Step away from the screen.  Excessive screen time, especially staring at a computer or smartphone for extended periods, can lead to digital eye strain and fatigue. To feel more awake, take regular breaks to rest your eyes and stretch your body. Consider using blue light filters on your screens to reduce eye strain.

Incorporating these strategies into your daily routine can help you feel more awake and alert whenever you need a quick energy boost. Remember that healthy and consistent sleep is key to feeling alert.  Adding these techniques can provide even better results.  Prioritize your self-care to ensure you're always at your most alert and productive self.




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