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Why you’re still tired with CPAP – part 4 of 5

cpap sleep Apr 15, 2023
You have another undiagnosed sleep disorder

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Home Sleep Apnea Tests (HSATs) were on the rise.  But DURING the pandemic, home sleep testing was the norm.  If this is the way you got your sleep apnea diagnosis, I want you to be aware of a blind spot . . .  

Home sleep tests ONLY test for sleep apnea.  That’s it.  No other sleep disorders.   

Reason #4 you’re still tired with CPAP.  You have another sleep disorder that hasn’t been diagnosed yet.  Okay, I know you do NOT want to hear (read) this.  But it is NOT rare to have more than one sleep problem.  In the age of home sleep apnea testing, other sleep diagnoses can be missed since the home test ONLY looks for sleep apnea.  

Consider reviewing your symptoms with your sleep medicine physician to see if more testing is warranted.  While you’re at it, check to see if you have medical conditions that interfere with sleep or medications and supplements that cause tiredness.  You may be able to work with your prescribing physician to change the timing of your pills, or perhaps switch to a different medication.  

Tiredness is most likely due to more than one thing.  It takes persistence to identify and unwind the underlying causes.  If you need more help, check out the course that I have created for you:



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