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Why you’re still tired with CPAP – part 5 of 5

cpap sleep Apr 22, 2023
You may be carrying an invisible burden.

Reason #5 you’re still tired with CPAP.  Your CPAP machine treats sleepiness but it does NOT treat tiredness.  Consider the difference between sleepiness and tiredness.  Sleepiness means you have a high propensity to fall asleep.  Sleeping relieves sleepiness.  

Tired may not be relieved by sleep.  

Your CPAP machine should help you to sleep more continuously and with normal blood oxygen levels.  But if you are still tired, well. . . this needs to be addressed another way.  

I say a lot more about this in my course (and what to do about it), but I want to give you a tip here:  you may be carrying an invisible burden that makes you tired.  The first step is identifying it, so you can determine what kind of rest you need.  

Are you neglecting your needs for the needs of others?  Are your senses overstimulated?  Do you have strong negative feelings that get stuffed down only to resurface with the energy of a volcano?  Are you living with unpredictability or too many changes at once?  If these questions resonate with you, it’s no wonder you’re tired.  

In my experience, persistent tiredness is due to more than one thing.  It takes diligence to identify and unwind the underlying causes of your tiredness.  Be patient with yourself.  And know that I can help you.  



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